A Pause

A pause 

goes against

social laws,

in the grip 

of our nervous



Little doubt,

the fear of 

missing out

is a cause

for concern,

few discern

how “nice”,

became “need”,

then “greed”

for more




Quite bizarre,

but here we are

unsure how,

when, where

to switch off.

A lost cause,

to wean us off

our phone,

like a dog and

its bone, 

just enough 

may be,

to lift our head,

to gift ourself,

a breath or two.

A pause

to snatch 

our lives


in jaws

of all things

“forever on”.

Long enough 

to capture a 


in our hearts

going from

“is” to “was”, 

instead of

through the


modern day 


the Camera,

that draws

constant applause,

With no scope 

for a pause. 

Copyright SaudaminiDubey 2017


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